The French Riviera of Alaska!


So What's Included?

This profitable business sits on five acres of pristine Alaskan wilderness.  You'll own The Chicken Creek Cafe, the Chicken Creek Saloon (underwear stapled to the ceiling  included - panty cannon negotiable,) the Liquor Store, a Gas Station, and the Chicken Mercantile Emporium (complete with the famous and classy "I Got Laid in Chicken Alaska" T-shirts.)


But wait, there's more! Included is the residence cabin - a beautiful 1400 foot log house with vaulted ceilings, a gorgeous guest cabin, and housing for seasonal employees.


Yeah, But What Else?

You want more? Okay! You also get two nice generators (one brand new), a great site for further expansion for an RV park surrounded by trees with a great view of Taylor Mountain, plus 2 liquor licenses!  And the water system and gas station are in tip top shape.

And if that's not enough, remember this business only operates 4 months a year - you'll make enough to get 8 freakin' months of vacation.  What more do you want?

More Explicit Details

So What's this Going to Cost Me?

15% discount on shirt if you buy downtown

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Chicken, Alaska Inc

P.O. Box 48 Chicken, Alaska 99732